As an ethically-minded company, Steve Watson & Partners is proud to support a number of charities, both in Australia and abroad.

Our ongoing commitment to giving something back means that you can be sure that you are not only getting the highest quality of service from us, you are also helping to make a difference to the community. Some of the charities we support are:
All at Steve Watson and Partners,

I hope that your week has started off well. I just wanted to send you a note for your wonderful donation of 5k which has come through for refurbishing boarding. I can really appreciate how hard you must work to make such money and you give so much of it away to people on the other side of the world. Thanks so much for being so truly kind.

The graduation of our first form 6s are this year and its getting really exciting. I hope that one day you can come over and see for yourselves, what you have helped to build. It’s been raining all day here which has been lovely as we really need it. Along with the knowledge of your donation, makes the day a really great one to live.

Many thanks, Gemma
The School of St Jude - Fighting Poverty Through Education     SYDNEY  |  MELBOURNE  |  BRISBANE  |  CANBERRA